Mistakes and regrets

so ...and you will know us by the trail of dead is touring. again. well, still is probably the appropriate word there. these guys have toured almost constantly since source tags and codes came out...craziness. but the thing is, this time they're touring with queens of the stone age (tour dates from tiny mix tapes), meaning that some booking agent thought that a band with a song title like "another morning stoner" would go well with a band made up of stoners.

i'm actually quite excited about this one, as i have never seen qotsa, and ...aywkubttod seemed a little too ready to end their tour when i saw them a few months ago. will i go to the date three days after my birthday? maybe.

i have this feeling that i shouldn't talk about tours coming to st. louis that i want to go to, seeing as how i end up not going to about seventy percent of those shows. case in point? unlimited sunshine tour, tomorrow night. i'm not going because it became very difficult to rationalize paying thirty-five dollars to see the flaming lips and modest mouse. thirty-five dollars i do not have, by the way.

random memory: four (i think) years ago, almost to the day. sitting in my old apartment, spending the entire summer alone--everyone i knew had left town. i had no job, and was having horrible luck in finding one. i was spending every single day sitting in this extremely over-air-conditioned apartment (i believe the setting was at 65 degrees), watching television on a three inch black and white television, and eating either frozen pizzas or side salads from denny's. i did not pay rent or utilities all summer, but miraculously nothing was shut off, and i did not get evicted. that, it's safe to say, was the down point of my life.

i'm not sure why that came to mind.

whenever i write e-mails, i have a tendency to get a bit creative with the subject lines. i have now discovered a problem with that. since i already do that, i have trouble coming up with titles for this here weblog--i mean c'mon, like i'd be able to actually come up with a title that accurately describes the contents of each post. if i did, every other one would be "random crap that bill dug out of his brain at some point during the day and decided in a fit of insanity to actually write about." not only long, but not very unique. i'll work on it, though.

work did not actually suck today. slowest day after the fourth i've witnessed, in fact. i have a feeling that since many people ended up with four day weekends, the suckosity of work has merely been delayed until monday. or maybe tomorrow.

dave did something earlier that reminded me of the following. when i was music director of kwur, we would occasionally get free stuff (sometimes by request) from the different promoters and whatnot. one time, our good friend and former kwur dj who went on to promote for elektra, and later virgin, to college radio--he sent me a couple of luna albums (although this story may have happened when he was at virgin, in which case it was placebo and some other stuff) by my request. the point of this story is not that i got luna albums for free, which rocked. instead, it was the name on the address label when i got the package.

small aside here--with a last name like mine, i can look forward to a lifetime of misspellings and mispronunciations (my new dentist is only the fourth person--ever--to pronounce my last name properly on the first try). i've gotten some interesting spellings of my last name, actually. but the package that i got from this promoter was the best misspelling of my name ever. the name?

nil tatalovid.

since that time, i've often considered changing my name to nil.

hope you liked that. good night.