Punctuated by moments of massive fear

a little over an hour until i have to go to work (which, oh yes, will be horrible--day after the fourth is usually in the top three busiest days of the film developing year). didn't sleep well last night. young guns ii was on television last night, reminding me that i should have entered sarah b.'s haiku contest. not feeling like writing complete sentences.

and i've concluded that maggie wastes time in great ways. as a result, i'm stealing another one of her distraction techniques:

1] makes you want to dance: i never want to dance.

2] makes you happy: bran van 3000, "drinking in l.a."

3] reminds you of an ex-lover: pop unknown, "writing it down for you"

4] reminds you of an ex-friend: breeders, "do you love me now?"

5] describes your relationship with your parents: get up kids, "fall semester"

6] makes you cry: new end original, "better than this" (or maybe the onelinedrawing version of the same song)

7] makes you laugh: wally pleasant, "i hate cops"

8] makes you ponder life: pedro the lion, "priests and paramedics"

9] says a lot about you: songs: ohia, "lioness" (sorta)

10] reminds you of the one you want: mineral, "slower"

11] you wish you wrote: dismemberment plan, "following through"

12] you never want to hear again: disturbed, "down with the sickness"

13] you want played at your funeral: gustav holst, "jupiter" (from the planets--and yes, i realize this makes me seem egotistical)

14] you want to get married to: beats the hell out of me, but a couple walked down the aisle to hayden's "stem", which is a beautiful idea

15] makes friends think of you: ask them.

16] you once loved but got sick of: anything from whatever and ever amen, ben folds five

17] you love by a band/artist you hate: i don't know.

18] you sheepishly admit to liking: linkin park, "in the end" (shut up--i mean it, shut up)

19] makes you want to mosh: i've never moshed, but i'd go with refused, "new noise"

20] you'd do anything to see played live: sugar, "jc auto"

21] reminds you of your, "everybody wants to rule the world"

22] sums up your teenage years: sunny day real estate, "in circles"

23] most people like but you hate: dashboard confessional, "screaming infidelities"

24] you love the lyrics of: gloria record, "a lull in traffic"

25] you used to hate but now love: erasure, "a little respect"

26] is best played in the car: dismemberment plan, "superpowers"

27] you like to fall asleep to: moby, "god moving over the face of the waters" (but then when the heavy percussion kicks in, i always wake up)

28] you like to wake up to: i don't wake up to music, so i don't know.

29] you like out of your parents record collection: my dad's jazz collection kicks so much ass, so i'd say anything in it

30] you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: superchunk,

31] makes you think of someone who died: rem, "let me in"

32] you love the video more than the tune: guns 'n roses, "november rain"

33] reminds you of your first crush: beach boys, "wouldn't it be nice"

34] is good to listen to whilst holding hands: luna, "chinatown"

35] you love which is from your favourite movie: rolling stones, "i am waiting" (from rushmore--although i don't like the song nearly as much without the visuals that accompany it in the movie)

36] makes you think of the moon: aspera ad astra, "black in the eye" (i'm not sure why--i don't think the song even mentions the word "moon")

37] makes you think of stars: crooked fingers, "under sad stars"

38] makes you think of the sun: mojave 3, "got my sunshine"

39] makes you think of the night: dismemberment plan, "the ice of boston"

40] makes you think of sex: moby, "first cool hive"

41] makes you think of being alone: hayden, "hardly"

42] makes you smile: mountain goats, "anti-music song"

43] you love to hear at clubs: i hate clubs, but it'd be cool to hear my favorite, "homeless club"

44] is not your "typical type" of style but you love anyway: jurassic five, "quality control"

45] reminds you of your best mate: bob mould, "anymore time between"

46] reminds you of your siblings: bruce springsteen, "highway patrolman"

47] reminds you of the one you want but can't have: smoking popes, "pretty pathetic"

48] you can sing really well: i'm not sure, but i know it's not boston, "more than a feeling"

49] you love which is instrumental: dj shadow, "organ donor"

50] has only been released recently but you love already: my morning jacket, "o is the one that is real" (not that recently, but recent enough)

and that managed to fill up an hour.