Crappy review of a great show

so as i alluded to a couple of days ago, i did indeed go to the following show:

pedro the lion / roadside monument / potomac accord, live at the galaxy in st. louis.

i finally wised up and didn't pay attention to the "doors open at" time, meaning that i didn't end up waiting in line for an hour or something, like i did with the trail of dead show. but anyway, the potomac accord is a st. louis band, and i hadn't heard them until this show.

needless to say, my list of decent--nay, good--bands in st. louis has grown by one. one guy on keyboards and a drummer, and they're fantastic.

roadside monument wasn't all i hoped they would be, but (as usual) the fact that i only know half an album's worth of songs by the band makes it harder to really enjoy the music. you spend all your time waiting for a song you know, and so you can't really focus on just the music. they were all right, though.

pedro the lion rocked the house. i still don't own control, and i know that i should own it. after seeing them play some of the songs from it, that fact has been reinforced. i would say i was disappointed that they didn't play certain songs, but they played other songs that surprised me, so no complaints overall.

oh well.